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 To all Open and Distance Learning students, welcome to the new online booking system for accommodation. This system has been put into place to give you ease of reserving rooms at the comfort of your fingertips. The following should serve as a guide on how you can reserve a room online.

1. Firstly go to our web site home page;



2. Under the Student Affairs header click on Room application: after clicking room application, the following page will appear, or click on the following link http://mu.ac.zm:8080/DeanRecords/bookApp

3. Type in your student number and click on submit.


 4. Once submitted, the following prompt drop down boxes will appear (Check if student details match your credentials and proceed to complete drop down fields as indicated below):



 5. For booking Type, kindly select Returning student

 6. Proceed to select options in the second drop down box, which is Mode of study; kindly select Distance (This is a key field for all ODL students. Selecting any other option may render your application null and void)

7. Proceed to select Hostel of choice: (Kindly note that the following self-catering hostels have been designated as follows: Tanganyika                Female Undergraduate Students    

             Bangweulu          -        Male Undergraduates Students       

             Kariba                  -        Unisex –Post Graduate Students     

            Mweru                  -        Unisex – Post Graduate Students    

Note: This online room allocation system will not be applicable to Post Graduate Students, hence they will be required to call the Dean of Students office to make direct reservations on the following numbers: 0967361014 and/ or 0955447576.

Zambezi has been designated for mothers that will be attending residential school with their weaning children and respective maids or care givers. None self-catering bed spaces located at old high-rise, New Rock and Old rock Hostels are open to both post graduate and undergraduate students depending on gender and availability. Unless advised, the residential session will be held at main campus only.



8. After selecting the Hostel of choice, kindly indicate if you will require catering services or not by selecting Yes or No.



 9. Once all fields are completed kindly click on submit, and the following prompt box will appear

10. If you are satisfied with your submissions, proceed to click on confirm. (Kindly note that once submissions are confirmed, it will not be subjected to any changes.)


Once booking is successfully completed please proceed to make payments to ensure booking is processed.

Thank you, looking forward to seeing you next residential session.