Bachelor of Commerce with Education (BCOM ED) Programme Structure


Semester I

Semester II

First Year

  1. EDU111 Development of Education in Zambia
  2. BCS151 Communication and Study Skills
  3. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour in Society
  4. MSM131 Mathematics I
  5. SSE121 Introduction to Economics I


  1. EDU112 Education and Development
  2. ICT132 Introduction to Computer Software
  3. MSM132 Mathematics II
  4. BEN142 Fundamentals of entrepreneurship I
  5. SSE122 Introduction to Economics II

Second Year

  1. EDU211 Educational Psychology
  2. MSS231 Statistics
  3. BMG241 Principles of Management
  4. BAC211 Principles of Accounting I
  5. LRI251 Business Law I

  1. EDU212 Sociology of Education
  2. BAC212 Principles of Accounting II
  3. BMK242 Principles of Marketing
  4. LRI252 Business Law II
  5. MSS232 Decision Making in Statistics

Third Year

  1. EDU311 Special Needs Education
  2. BAC311 Cost Accounting
  3. BAC331Financial Management and Risk Appraisal
  4. BBE371 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship II
  5. BAC361 Financial Accounting

  1. EDU322 School Experience
  2. EDU312 Education Measurement and Evaluation
  3. EDU332 Gender and  Sexuality Education
  4. EDU302 Business Studies Teaching Methods
  5. BMG342Operational Management
  6. BEC352 Money and Banking

Fourth Year

  1. EDU401 Educational Research Methods
  2. EDU411 Educational Management and Administration
  3. SEC431 Economics of Education
  4. BAC411 Corporate Finance
  5. BMG461 Strategic Business Management and Policy

  1. EDU402 Research Project
  2. EDU412 Curriculum Studies
  3. EDU432 General Teaching Methods
  4. BAC322 Taxation
  5. BEC422 International Trade and Finance
  6. BEN452 Organisational Learning