Bachelor of Economics and Finance
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Bachelor of Economics and Finance

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Bachelor of Economics and Finance Programme Structure


Semester I

                Semester II

First Year  

  1. BCM151 communication and Study skills-I
  2. SSE121   Introduction to Micro Economics  
  3. MSS131 Mathematics (General )
  4. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainability
  5. BCS151 Communication and Study skills I 
  1. SSE122    Introduction to Macro Economics
  2. ICT132 Introduction to Computer Software Packages
  3. BCM192 Mathematics (Calculus) 
  4. BEN142 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  5. BCS152 Communication and study skills II
Second Year
  1. SEC221 Intermediate  Microeconomics
  2. MSS241 Business  Statistics I
  3. SEC231 Mathematics for Economics-I
  4. BAC211 Principles of Accounting I
  5. LIR251 Business Law I
  1. SEC222 Intermediate Macro Economics
  2. SEC232 Mathematics for Economics-II
  3. BAC212 Principles of  Accounting II
  4. MSS242 Business Statistics II
  5. LIR252 Business Law II
Third Year
  1. SEC361 Development Economics
  2. SEC321 Econometrics I
  3. SEC311 Labor Economics
  4. BAC311 Cost and Management Accounting I
  5. BAC331 Financial Management & Risk Appraisal


  1. SEC312 Money and Banking
  2. SEC322 Econometrics II
  3. SEC332 Public Finance
  4. BAC312 Cost and Management Accounting II
  5. BAC322 Taxation
Fourth Year
  1. SEC441 Agricultural Development Economics
  2. SEC451 Trade Policy and Economic  Development.
  3. SSS441 Research Project one
  4. BAC411 Corporate Finance
  5. BEC421 International Trade 
  6. BCM431 Investment Appraisal and Analysis
  7. SSS471  Human Development
  8. BEC441 Transport Economics and Logistics

  1. EC432 Economic  Planning and Development
  2. SSS442 Research  Project II
  3. BEC422 International Finance
  4. BAF461 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
  5. SEC452 Health Economics
  6. SEC412 Rural – Urban Economics
  7. BMG452 Operations Research


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