Vice Chancellor's Message

Mulungushi University (MU) has incorporated in its Strategic Plan, programmes and modus

Operandi, the concept of RARE (Responsible, Accountable, Relevant, Ethical) value based

approach as being visionary, leading by example, doing the right thing for the right reasons,

and not compromising core principles in our conduct as we interact with each other and all

our stakeholders. It is in being RARE in our conduct that we can achieve excellence and make

positive contributions that are sustainable.

This is why we have a signature course compulsory for all MU students called, "Ethics and

Sustainable Behaviour in Society". As reflected in our Strategic Plan, MU is in a way telling

the world out there that our graduates can be trusted to be distinct from any other in their

conduct and behaviour, hence sought after as employees, employers and entrepreneurs who

will positively contribute to society and development in an ethical and sustainable way.

That is what Mulungushi University puts her signature on. There is emphasis in this vision on

adequate supply of competent, highly skilled and motivated RARE human resources. In this

regard, we value investing in people through education and training to ensure job-creation and

socio-economic transformation which animate our vision, mission, values and strategy as well

as guide our effforts.

This influences our imagined future, as we pursue the frontiers of knowledge in a RARE way in

our quest to be the leading, innovative, relevant and reputable university of excellence in Africa

and globally.


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