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Dr. M. T. Daura Profile

Dr. Moses T. Daura

 Role: Head -Dept. of Agriculture, School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

 Qualifications: PhD (WVU, USA); MSc (KSU, USA); BSc (Agric) (UNZA), Post-Doctoral Research Associateship (Anim. Sci.) (ILCA (ILRI), Ethiopia); PG Cert. Anim. Nutrition & Feed Evaluation (Denmark & Zimbabwe)

 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Specialization/Research: Nutritional Biochemistry, Animal Production & Management

  • Feed Evaluation in ruminants and monogastrics
  • Environmental effects on the performance and health of livestock
  • Enhanced productivity in broilers and layers using natural additives
  • Work stress and Nutrition interactions in draught Animals
  • Dynamics of Nitrogen Degradation and Utilization in Ruminants
  • Environmental effects on animal performance
  • use of local phosphate deposits as a source of inorganic phosphorus in livestock diets.


  • Agricultural Genetics (AGA211/AGA341)
  • Agricultural Biometry (AGA241)
  • Animal Breeding (AGA222)
  • Feedstuffs and Feeding (AGA212)
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals (AGA231)
  • Management of Farm Animals (AGA331)

 Selected Publications:

1) Chibinga, O.C., N.R.K. Musimba, M.M. Nyangito, J. Simbaya and M.T. Daura. 2016. Effect of coppicing levels on the re-growth of Julbernardiaglobiflora. Livestock Research for Rural Development. 28 (3)

2) Chibinga, O.C., N.R.K. Musimba, M.M. Nyangito, J. Simbaya and M.T. Daura. 2012. Climate variability; enhancing adaptive utilization of browse trees for improved livestock production among agro-pastoralists communities in Southern Zambia. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

6 (7): 267 - 274. Chibinga, O.C., N.R.K. Musimba, M.M. Nyangito, J. Simbaya and M.

1) Daura. 2012. Chemicalcomposition  and invitro dry matter digestibility of dry leaves Of Julbernardiaglobiflora. Research Journal of Animal Sciences 6 (2): 30 - 34

2) Chibinga, O.C., N.R.K. Musimba, M.M. Nyangito, J. Simbaya and M.T. Daura. 2012. Climate variability: Impact on Livelihood Strategies Among Agro-pastoralists in Southern Province of Zambia. 2012.Journal of Agricultural and Biomedical Sciences1 (1): 25 - 29

3) Kuntashula, E., E.Wale, J.C.N. Lungu and M. T. Daura. 2010. Consumers’ att             attribute preferences and traders’ challenges affecting the use of local maize and groundnuts varieties in Lusaka: implications for crop diversity utilisation.

4) Chibinga, O., M. Musukwa, D. B. Nyirenda and M.T. Daura. 2008. Pasture Production and Range Management. In Husbandry and Economics of Dairy Cattle, Goats and Milk Processing Manual. The University of Zambia, Animal Science Department. 1st Edition.

5) Daura M.T., Mukelabai, M. and Nkhata, L. 2001. Social Policy in a Liberalized Economy: the case of Zambia. In: A. Mwanza (Ed.). Social Policy in the Context of Economic Reform: Case Studies from SADC. Chapter 8. SAPES Books

6) Daura, M.T. 1992. State of Art and problems of the Animal Feed Production Industry in Zambia. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna, Austria

7) Daura, M.T., Osuji, P.O., Umunna, N.N. and Yemegnuhal, A. 1995.

Physiological responses of draught oxen during and after work. ILCA Publication

8) Daura, M.T., Osuji, P.O., Umunna, N.N. and Wolde-Michael, T. 1994. Effect of work on oxen of different body conditions used for traction. ILCA Publication

9) Lungu, J.C.N., Daura, M.T., Chileshe, C.M., Burnett, F. and Simatende P. 1993. Possibilities of Using Local Phosphate Deposits as a source of Inorganic Phosphorus in Broiler Rations. In: Phophate Rock - derivatives and their use. Proceedings of an International Workshop. Siavonga, Zambia (Aug. 29 - Sept 2, 1993).

10) Daura, M.T. and Reid, R.L. 1991. Energy and protected protein supplements to lambs on endophyte-infected tall fescue pasture. J. Anim. Sci. 69:358.

    1) Daura, M.T. 1991. Escape protein supplementation of growing and lactating animals grazing lush green pastures. Search 1: 32.

   2) Daura, M.T. 1990. Use of protected protein for growing lambs on pasture.Dissertation Abstracts International (B). The Sciences and Engineering. 1:1053. (Abstr.)

   3) Ochetim, S., Chimwano, A.M.P., and Daura M.T. 1984. The feeding value of boiled and oven roasted soybean meal for broiler chickens. Bull. Anim. Hlth. Prod. 32:344.

   4) Ochetim, S., Chimwano, A.M.P. and Daura, M.T. 1983. The effects of further heat processing of soybean meal produced in Zambia on the performance of broiler chickens. Enterprise 2:20.

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