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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the School of Business Studies [SBS] of Mulungushi University.Curiosity and the desire for a better life are two of the most basic human instincts.  A knowledge-based economy uses the satisfaction of one of these primal instincts; curiosity, to satisfy the other and longing for a better material life.  So far, one and only one economic system, free enterprise, has proven able to combine these basic human motivations in a self-sustaining way
Unlike most other economic inputs, knowledge is not destroyed when it is used.  This means it can be used simultaneously in many places.  One piece of knowledge can improve productivity all over the economy.  This increased productivity can fund more knowledge creation. This effect, often referred to as “positive feedback,” or “increasing returns to scale for knowledge,” appears to underpin the rapid growth of the Western World over the past three centuries and particularly in the current century.

The School of Business Studies was among the first academic units established following the transformation of the National College into Mulungushi University in 2008. In its current form the school offers THIRTEEN (13)Undergraduate Degree and EIGHT (08) Postgraduate Programmesorganized under the Department of Business Studies and Department of Law, Labour and Human Resource Management respectively.

The School is the Pioneer in introducing Commerce;Entrepreneurship;Labour and Employment Relations programmes; and Communication programmes in Zambia.These programmes ensure the production of versatile graduates who are able to perform multifarious and other specialized functions as economists, accountants, marketers and managers.

In addition the school envisages in producing graduates who would be innovators, individuals who would shatter the status quo of the existing products and services in order to set up new products and services. The schools also endeavors to produce  graduates for professional and academic careers involving the employment relationship and may be employed by the private or public sector in personnel, human resource management or labour relations.

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