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Welcome to the School Of Social Sciences

School Of Social Sciences

Welcome to the School of Social Sciences. 
The School of Social Sciences was introduced in 2008 and offers courses that provide students with a body of knowledge that enables them contribute to social, institutional and economic development of Zambia. The School of Social Sciences is organizedand structured as Department of Economics, Department of Social Development Studies and Department of Public Administration and International Relations.The School of Social Sciences offers 4-year degree programmes in the following areas:
- Bachelor of International Relations and Development
- Bachelor of Local Government Administration
-Bachelor of Social Work
- Bachelor of Economics
- Bachelor of Development Studies
- Bachelor of Public Administration
Postgraduate programmes
- Master of public Administration
- Master of Social Work


On the 27th 0f April 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation(MFAIC), formally communicated to the Vice-Chancellor appointment of the Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Dr. Michael N Mulikita to serve as Lead Consultant/Facilitator to spearhead the conduct of Zambia’s Country Structural Vulnerability and Resilience Assessment (CSVRA) and related “Country Structural Vulnerability Mitigation Strategy” (CSVMS), with support of the African Union Commission (AUC) and COMESA Secretariat. 

This appointment was made subsequent to the decision of the Cabinet on 26 October 2020 to approve Zambia’s decision to undergo the African Union’s Structural Vulnerability and Resilience Assessment (CSVRA). The AU CSVRA is part of the AU’s Continental Structural Conflict Prevention Framework and provides an opportunity for the early identification and mitigation of structural causes of conflict in member states. To date, two AU Member States have undergone CSVRA and CSVMS processes, namely the Republic of Ghana and the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire. By volunteering to undergo these processes, the Republic of Zambia became the third AU Member State to undertake CSVRA and CSVMS processes

The CSVRA process was officially launched by Her Hon the Vice President, H.E. Mrs. WK Mutale Nalumango on 2 November 2021.  The implementation strategy took the form of a two-pronged modality; namely the National Dialogue Forum that was complemented by Provincial Dialogue Forums in eight provincial centers. 

As Lead Consultant/Facilitator, Dr. Mulikita exhorted participants in each of the provinces to systematically reflect and examine based on their regional and local context, the underlying structural and proximate factors that make Zambia susceptible as well as resilient to violent conflicts and to propose concrete strategies for the Government and other stakeholders to address them. After the Provincial Dialogue Forums, Dr. Mulikita carried out an Expert Opinion Survey(January and February 2022) with selected stakeholders to enhance the inclusivity and legitimacy of the process. The Lead Consultant/Facilitator presented the first Draft of the CSVRA Report to the National Steering Committee/Bureau on 3 March 2022. the Report is currently under review, prior to subjecting it to Peer Review/ Validation scrutiny. In the ultimate analysis, Government will launch the Final Report, which will culminate in the establishment of a Situation Room and National Peace Architecture.

Department of Social Development Studies

Assitant Dean of School of Social Science Mr Francis Lungo
Lecturer and H.O.D Dr Fred Moonga
LecturereMrs Kunda Chishimba

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