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Dr E.C. Musaba Profile

Dr Emmanuel Chibanda Musaba

 Role: Senior Lecturer, School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

 Qualifications: B. Agric. Sc.  (Zambia), MSc. (Guelph, Canada),PhD (Saskatchewan, Canada).

 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Specialization/Research: Agricultural Economics

  • Agricultural technology adoption studies
  • Agricultural productivity/technical efficiency analysis
  • Agriculture and public expenditure analysis
  • Factors affecting livestock production and marketing
  • Economic impact assessments and input-output analysis


  • Economics of Agricultural Marketing
  • Production Economics and Natural Resource Economics
  • Quantitative methods
  • Agribusiness Managerial Economics

 Selected Publications:

1)     Kulshreshtha, S.N. & E. Musaba (2016).Sustainability Considerations in Biofuel Development in

Saskatchewan, Canada. Int. J. Sus. Dev. Plann. Vol. 11, No. 2 (2016) 128–137. ISSN:

1743-7601 (paper format), ISSN: 1743-761X (online),

DOI: 10.2495/SDP-V11-N2-128-137

2)     Musaba, E.; Pali-Shikhulu, J.; Matchaya, G; Chilonda, P; Nhlengethwa, S. 2014.

Monitoring agriculture sector performance in Swaziland: investment, growth and poverty trends, 2000-2011. Pretoria, South Africa: International Water Management Institute (IWMI); Washington, DC, USA: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); 72p. (ReSAKSS-SA Annual Trends and Outlook Report 2012)

3)     Nhlengethwa, S. B.; Matchaya, G. C.; Musaba, E; Chilonda, P. 2014. Trends in public agricultural spending in Swaziland. Pretoria, South Africa:

Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System for Southern

Africa (ReSAKSS-SA); 8p.

4)     Musaba, C.N; Musaba, E.C. and //Hoabeb, S.I.R. (2014).  Employee perceptions of service quality

in the Namibian hotel industry: A SERVQUAL approach. International Journal

of Asian Social Science, 2014, 4(4): 533-543.

5)     Musaba, E.C. and Mseteka, M. (2014). Cost efficiency of small-scale commercial broiler production

in Zambia: A stochastic cost frontier approach. Developing Country Studies. Vol. 4 (5):98-105.  

6)     Musaba, E.C and Bwacha, I. (2014). Technical efficiency of small-scale maize production in Masaiti district,

Zambia: A Stochastic frontier approach.  . Journal of Economics and sustainable development. Vol. 5 No 4 (2014): 104-111.

7)     Chilonda, P., Matchaya, G., Chiwaula, L., Kambewa, P., Musaba, E., and Manyamba, C. 2014.

"Enhancing Regional Food Security through Increased Agricultural Productivity: 2011 Annual

Trends and Outlook  Report for Southern Africa".IFPRI and IWMI, SriLanka , Colombo.

8)     Musaba, E.C., Chilonda, P., Matchaya, G. (2013). Impact of Government Sectoral Expenditure

  • on Economic Growth in Malawi, 1980-2007. Journal of Economics and sustainable

development. Vol4 No 2 (2013): 71-78.

1)     Chamusso, A., Zikhali, P., Musaba, E., Gemo, H. and Osvaldo, L. 2012. Trends in public agricultural spending in Mozambique. Resakss-SA Issue Brief No. 19.   IFPRI and IWMI, SriLanka , Colombo.

2)     Manyamba, C., Hendriks, S.L., Chilonda, P., Musaba, E.  (2012). Factors contributing to food to inequalities in food security in South Africa: Implications for agricultural policy.  Conference Paper on Strategies to Overcome Poverty & Inequality: “Torwards Carnegie III” University of  Cape Town,  3-7 September 2012.

3)     Chilonda, Pius; Xavier, V.; Luciano, L.; Gemo, H.; Chamusso, A.; Zikhali, Precious; Faria, A.; Govereh, J.;

Musaba, E.; Manussa, S.; Acubar, B.; Osvaldo, L.; Alage, N.; Macome, E.; Manganhela, A. 2011.

Monitoring and evaluating agricultural growth, trade, and poverty in Mozambique. Pretoria, South Africa: International Water Management Institute (IWMI). 83p. (MozSAKSS Annual Trends Report 2010)

4)     Chilonda, P., Zikhali, P., and Musaba, E. 2010. "Agricultural Growth Trends and Outlook for Southern Africa". ReSAKSS-Southern Africa Annual Trends and Outlook Report 2010.  IFPRI and IWMI, SriLanka , Colombo.

5)     Musaba, E.C. and Namukwambi, M.  (2010) Socio-economic determinants of consumer fish purchase in Windhoek, Namibia.  African Journal of Agricultural Research 6(6):1483-1488 Abstract]  [Full Text]  [Full Article - PDF]  

6)     Musaba E. C. (2010) Analysis of factors influencing adoption of cattle management technologies by communal farmers in Northern Namibia. Livestock research and rural development. Volume 22, Article # 104.

7)     Musaba, E.C. and Sheehama, E. (2009)   Socio-economic factors influencing harvesting of eembe (Discolor Berchemia) wild fruits by communal households in Ohangwena  region, Namibia”.  Namibian Development Journal Vol 2, No.1

8)     Chilonda, P., G.VanHuylenbroeck, L. D’Haese, E.C. Musaba, K.L. Samui, and B. Ahmadu. (2000) Small-scale cattle production in Eastern province, Zambia: objectives, productivity and constraints. Outlook on Agriculture Vol.29, No.2, pp 109-121.

1)     Chilonda, P., G.VanHuylenbroeck, L.D’Haese, K.L. Samui, E.C. Musaba, M. Imakando

and B. Ahmadu. (1999). Cattle production and veterinary care systems in Zambia.

Outlook on Agriculture Vol.28, No.2, pp 109-116.

2)     Shitumbanuma, V and  E.C. Musaba  (2002) The Role of the Mining Sector  in  Agricultural    

Development in Zambia: Challenges for the Next Millenium.

Zambian Journal of Applied Earth SciencesVol. 15, No. 1, pp 101-106.


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