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Career Prospects

On successful completion of the degree programme, graduates can be formally employed in the private or public sector or be self-employed.The Bachelor of Agriculture curriculum prepares graduates for many speciality areas of the broad field of agriculture and environmental science such as: Private Sector - Agronomists, Plant Breeders, Crop Protectionists, Farm Managers, Consultants in various fields of speciality, food processing companies; Public Sector - Researchers (Agronomists, Plant Breeders, Crop Protectionists), Extension workers and officers, Lecturers, Development Officers, Agricultural Technical officers; Self-Employment - Farmers, Consultants; and Further Studies -higher degree programmes, whichprovide a basis for research and academic careers.

Program structure

The degree programme shall have at least 40 taught courses spread over eight teaching semesters. Basic introductory courses are offered in the first year including agricultural practice and introduction to soil science. Students are attached at the university farm at the end of the first year. Second year course cover mainly agricultural production and management. The third and fourth year courses cover more specialised fields of crop protection, seed production and aquaculture among others. Elective courses are offered from year 2 to allow students gain extra knowledge in other fields of interest. Entrepreneurship skills are also taught to enhance self employment among graduates. Students are attached to industry and commercial farms at the end of years 2 and 3.

Course Outline


Semester I


Semester II

First Year



Second Year

AGA 211 Crop Production

AGA 221 Introduction to Agricultural Genetics

AGA 231 Introduction to Soil Science

AGA 241 Agricultural Biometry

AGA 251 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals


ALW 211 Agroclimatology

ALW 241 Natural Resources Ecology

ALW 222 Soil Fertility and Productivity

HORT 212 Principles and Practices of Plant Propagation

HORT 221 Vegetable Production

SSW 212 Rural Sociology

BEnt 142 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

AGA 200 Field Attachment II (Industry)



Third Year

BEnt 142 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ALW 222 Soil Fertility and Productivity

SSW 212 Rural Sociology

AGA 212 Vegetable and Fruit Production

AGA 222 Animal Breeding

AGA 200 Field Attachment II (Industry)


ALW 212 Management and Conservation of Water Resources

ALW 242 Policies in Land and Water Management

HORT 312 Floriculture Production and Management

HORT 231 Fruit Production

AGA 312 Agricultural Research Methods

AGA 322 Crop Pests and Diseases Management

AGA 332 Seed Production and Technology

AGA 300 Attachment III (Industry)


Fourth Year

ABM 331 Management of Farm Enterprises

ABM 461 Agricultural Product Processing

ALW 451 Soil and Water Conservation

AGA 411 Management of Farm Animals

AGA 401 Seminar


ALW 421 Agroecology

ALW 431 Forest Management and Ecology

ABM 421 Management of Agricultural Projects

ALW 441 Land Use Planning

ALW 422 Planning, Design and Management of

Irrigation and Drainage Systems

AGA 442 Agricultural Extension and Education

AGA 452 Aquaculture

AGA 412 Farm Mechanization and Structures

AGA 402 Research Project


AGA 242 High Value Horticultural Enterprises

ABM 432 Management of Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives


Short Description

This programme is designed to produce graduates that are able to apply practical skills and theoretical knowledge of plant, animal and soil sciences, and economics to sound management of resources. The programme provides exposure to practices and techn

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