Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
School of Science, Engineering and Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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The student has option to specialize in the following areas:

  •  Software Engineering
  •  Computer Networks
  •  Enterprise and Information Systems

 The objectives of the Bachelor of Computer Science include:

  1. To provide an academic, research and training environment whose standards match those of recognised institutions of computer studies elsewhere.
  2. To furnish Zambia with the computer skills and professional expertise necessary for national development.
  3. To produce graduates who are able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to computer science and software applications. They must have an understanding of the elements of computational thinking
  4. To produce graduates who are able to deploy appropriate theory, practices, and tools for the specification, design, implementation, and maintenance as well as the evaluation of computer-based systems.
  5. To ensure that graduates are guided by the social, professional, legal and ethical as well as cultural issues involved in the use of computer technology.
  6. To produce graduates with practical capabilities and skills to specify, design, and implement computer-based systems. They must be able to apply the principles of effective information management and human computer interaction while taking into account security issues.
  7. To produce graduates who are able to effectively use and deploy tools for the construction and documentation of software or system development and implementation.
  8. To produce graduates who are able to communicate and work effectively as members of software development and/or implementation team while at the same time able to manage themselves.

 Admission Requirements

 The admission requirements for BSc in Computer Science are:

  • Grade 12 Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) or Cambridge “O” levels school    certificate and have credit in at least 5 subjects including Mathematics
  • Diploma in Information Technology and related field
  • Three "A" levels including Mathematics

Summary of Courses


Semester I

                Semester II

First Year -  Foundation

MSM111- Mathematical Methods I

CHE111 - Introduction to Chemistry

BIO111 - Introductory Biology

PHY101 - Fundamentals of Physics

MSM112 - Mathematics II

CHE112 - Introductory Chemistry II

BIO112 - Molecular Biology & Genetics

PHY102 - Introductory Physics II

BMG101 - Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour in Society

Second Year

ICT201 - Discrete Mathematics 

ICT221 - Computer Architecture

ICT241 - Digital Design

ICT261 - Introduction to OOP and Java I

ICT271 - Databases Systems

ICT202 - Data Structures & Algorithms

ICT222 - Operating Systems

ICT242 - Networking and Communication

ICT262 - Introduction to OOP & Java II

ICT292 - Computers, Professional Practice and Ethics

Third Year

ICT321 - Real Time and Embedded Systems

ICT341 - Computer Security

ICT351 - Theory of Computation

ICT361 - Mobile Application Development

ICT381 - Software Engineering I 

ICT390 - Industrial Attachment

ICT312 - Fundamentals of Compilers

ICT352 - Artificial Intelligence and Prolog

ICT362 - Computer Graphics

ICT372 - Advanced Databases

ICT382 - Software Engineering II


Fourth Year

ICT401 - Numerical Analysis

ICT421 Distributed & Concurrency Systems

ICT431 - Capstone Project (Proposal & Presentation)

ICT451 - Advanced Networks

ICT461 - Web Systems and Technology

ICT481 - ICT Project Management

ICT402 - Statistics and Empirical Methods for Computing

ICT432 - Capstone Project

ICT442 - Advanced Security

ICT462 - Human-Computer Interaction

ICT472 - E-Commerce


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