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Bachelor of Social Work

This programme brings to the fore the philosophical, value and knowledge base of social work.  The programme has been designed in a manner that blends theory with practice.  The course work of the programme covers a broad spectrum ofareas ranging from theoretical to practice courses.

Courses which combine theory and practice include community development, social administration and evaluation research.The practical aspect of the three courses will require students to undertake field work placement exercises for a period of about two (2) months during their second and third years of training respectively.

Ultimately, the Bachelor of Social Work degree programme equips students with the knowledge and skills to intervene in a variety of socio-economic situations at both micro and macro levels of social work practice.  Notable areas where students could develop competence include social problem identification and resolution, social policy development and analysis, planning, evaluation research, social administration, and counseling.

Course outline 


Semester I

                Semester II

First Year  

  1. BCS151 Communication and study skills
  2. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour in Society
  3. SSE121 Introduction to Micro Economics
  4. SSF111 Fundamentals of Social Sciences I
  5. SSW111 Introduction to Social Welfare



  1. SSF112 Social Science Foundation
  2. SSE122 Introduction to Macro – Economics 
  3. ICT132 Intro. to Computer Software Packages
  4. SDS112 Political Economy of Development
  5. BEN142 Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Second Year

  1. SSS211 Theories and Practices of Development
  2. SSS221 The Individual and Social Environment
  3. SSS241 Qualitative Social Research Methods
  4. SSW211 Introduction to Social Work
  5. SSW221 Child and Youth Development


  1. SSW212 Rural Sociology
  2. SSW222 Community Development
  3. SSS242 Quantitative Social Research Methods
  4. SSS232 African Ideology
  5. SSW252 Social Development


Third Year

  1. SSS351 Gender and Development
  2. SSW311 Social Theory and Social Policy
  3. SSW321 Contemporary Issues in Development
  4. SSW331 Counseling Skills
  5. SSW390 Field Work I - Rural Community Placement 

  1.  SSW312 Comparative Social Policy
  2. SSW322 Human Service Management
  3. SSW332 Evaluation Research
  4. SSW342 Urban Sociology
  5. SSW352 Families in a Changing World

Fourth Year

  1. SSS471 Human Development
  2. SSW411 The Law and Social Work
  3. SSW421 Community Health
  4. SSW431 Social Development Planning
  5. SSW490 Field Work II - Social Service Administration & Evaluative Research Project

  1.  SSW412 Social Policy Analysis
  2. SSW432 Social Change and Development
  3. SSW452 Personality Disorder and Adjustment
  4. DES412 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management




Semester I

                Semester II

Fourth Year


  1. SSW482 Learning and Cognitive Development          
  2. SSW472 Social Gerontology 


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 Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to:

 •        Motivate and empower individuals and community groups to take charge of their own development;

Relate theory to practice in relation to socio-economic issues;

  •  Identify and propose effective solutions to socio-economic problems through review of social     legislation and policy pertaining to both urban and rural settings;
  •  Identify and effectively address psychosocial problems that impede individuals from obtaining benefits from and contributing to social welfare;
  •  Initiate, promote, plan, evaluate and administer social services and community development programmes.

Short Description

This programme brings to the fore the philosophical, value and knowledge base of social work. The programme has been designed in a manner that blends theory with practice. The course work of the programme covers a broad spectrum of areas ranging from th


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